Fiberglass vs. Steel Garage Doors

Fiberglass vs. Steel Garage Doors

Fiberglass vs. Steel Garage Doors

Garage doors can make all the difference in the curb appeal of your home or business. On the other hand, an outdated or damaged door can negatively impact the exterior beauty of your property and become a safety risk. Choosing the right garage door is an important task, and it’s a good idea to compare your options before buying, such as a steel vs. a fiberglass garage door.

At Garage Door Specialists, Inc., we carry a wide selection of door styles that are sure to make a statement and provide both style and durability.

Differences Between Fiberglass Garage Doors and Steel Garage Doors

If you’re deciding between a fiberglass or steel garage door, there are a few characteristics you should know about that make these materials different:

  • Appearance: Both steel and fiberglass doors can be customized to a certain degree to fit your style preferences and existing structure. Steel is a heavy material that offers a modern, sleek look while fiberglass is a traditional, decorative alternative.
  • Composition: Steel garage doors like Modern Steel™ are durable, dependable and very secure, but must be well-maintained to avoid rust. Fiberglass doors like Arbor Grove are well-insulated to help reduce noise and are resistant to corrosion. 
  • Longevity: Made of iron and carbon, steel is incredibly long-lasting and won’t become warped or cracked. Fiberglass material can withstand strong winds and won’t easily dent.
  • Cost: The differences in price will depend on the overall design and style options you choose. A fiberglass garage door is a cost-effective, low-maintenance choice that offers more damage resistance, while steel is a budget-friendly, energy-efficient option that keeps your home secure.

Which Type Is Better?

As with any decision for your home or business, the garage door you choose will depend on your personal style, needs, maintenance, budget and many other factors. Both steel and fiberglass have unique benefits and can work for a variety of residential and commercial properties.

You may also make your decision based on the customization options, such as the colors, textures, wood grains, paint, paneling and other design choices. With Garage Door Specialists, Inc., you can find an excellent selection of residential garage doors and commercial overhead doors to complement the exterior of your home or business.

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No matter what style or material you choose for your garage door, work with a team of experienced professionals to get the job done. At Garage Door Specialists, Inc., we’re committed to fitting your home or commercial building with high-quality and durable garage doors that meet your requirements.

Whether you want to install an entirely new door and hardware or repair your current door, we have everything you need to ensure your product lasts and continues to offer reliable operation. Request an estimate today to get started or contact us online to learn more about the styles and services we offer.