Hollow Metal Entry Doors in Morganton, NC

For safety and security customized for your space, hollow metal entry doors offer unmatched value.  Compared to wood or fiberglass doors, hollow metal doors are stronger, more versatile and more durable. They are ideal for use anywhere you need lightweight, flame-resistant doors and frames. 

Hollow metal doors from Garage Door Specialists, Inc. are available with optional features to suit your needs. They can be insulated, painted and even designed to include glass windows. If you’re interested in new commercial hollow metal doors for your Morganton business, give us a call to request a free on-site estimate

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Trust Us for Your Hollow Metal Entry Doors in Statesville, NC

Metal doors work to control access points for countless applications. When it comes to metal entry door installations and service, Garage Door Specialists, Inc. is the leader in Statesville, Morganton and across western North Carolina. Since 1976, we’ve built our reputation on professional, reliable and honest service you can rely on for all your residential and commercial garage door needs. 

Your service begins with a free estimate at your business to find the right option for you. Our representatives will list the different ways you can customize doors to stack their benefits and blend best with your business. Professional door installations are fast, efficient and backed by a one-year warranty covering parts and labor.

What Advantages Do Commercial Hollow Metal Doors Give You?

Hollow metal entry doors offer several advantages over traditional wood, glass and fiberglass doors. Great for businesses, municipalities, schools and more, they offer benefits such as:

  • Better security features: Hollow metal doors are made from durable steel, protecting your business from intruders. Their hollow design absorbs the force of impacts, resisting dents and the chance of breaking. With a fire rating of three, they help protect your business from disaster as well. 
  • Control over design: Hollow doors are available in a range of finishes and textures, giving you increased control over your design. They readily accept paint to match any new or existing commercial design. Cleaning is easy, generally accomplished with a quick wipe with a damp cloth. 
  • Built-in insulation: Optional insulation adds an extra protective barrier between your business and the elements. Reduce sounds traveling in or out, and keep your heating and cooling costs down with insulated hollow metal entry doors.
  • Affordable installation: Hollow metal doors are an affordable solution to seal your business’s access points for years to come. Installations are professional, fast and performed with precision. We always put our customers first.

Hollow Metal Entry Door Installation in Morganton, NC

After more than 40 years, we’ve grown to become a leading supplier and service provider for commercial hollow metal entry doors in Statesville, NC, Morganton, NC, and across western North Carolina. We believe honest work and long-term relationships are the best way to do business. For a free estimate on hollow metal entry doors for your business, call Garage Door Specialists, Inc. at 828-584-2297 today.

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