Loading Dock Equipment in Marion, Hickory, and Beyond

For many businesses, shipments are too large to come in through the front door. Loading docks serve as central hubs for sending and receiving large volumes of goods. The type of equipment for loading docks varies based on business requirements, the shape of the building and more. Figuring out the right equipment for your business or warehouse can seem a little overwhelming, but that’s where Garage Door Specialists, Inc. comes in.
loading dock equipment installation Morganton NC

Free Estimates for Loading Dock Equipment

We will come to your loading dock for a consultation, helping you determine your exact needs based on your specifications. Estimates on installations are always free, and installations are backed by one-year parts and labor warranties. Create a safer, more efficient work area with loading dock equipment services from Garage Door Specialists, Inc. Schedule your free estimate online, or call 828-584-2297 today. 

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Loading Dock Equipment Installation in Marion, NC

loading dock seals installation Morganton NC

For loading dock equipment sourcing, installation and ongoing service, trust our 40 years of experience in loading docks and garage door services. We’ve built our business performing professional work with integrity. We know your bottom line matters, and that’s why we always offer honest, up-front estimates on our line of affordable services. We install a range of loading dock equipment.

  • Loading Dock Seals

    Poor weather can impact employee performance and damage your shipments. Dock seals bridge the gap between incoming trucks and your freight doors to protect your employees and your transported goods. Dock seals add a layer of protection for your building, creating an impact barrier between incoming traffic and your structure. 

  • Loading Dock Lifts

    Loading dock lifts are an excellent solution for safely loading and unloading shipments between ground level and truck height. Loading dock lifts are safer than loading dock ramps because they keep your employees and deliveries level with the ground. The ability to move large quantities at once improves efficiency and reduces physical strain on your staff. We carry a range of lifts to suit your loading dock needs.

  • Loading Dock Levelers

    Loading dock levelers create a safe bridge between your building and delivery trucks. Loading dock levelers create a safer work environment by compensating for the height difference between your dock and the bed of the trailer. When trailers shift during loading and unloading, loading dock levelers shift with them, keeping gaps sealed and your employees safe. 

Loading Dock Equipment Service and Repair Around The Statesville Area

We offer 24-hour repair services for loading dock equipment in Morganton Lenoir, Hickory, Rutherfordton and across western NC. With your loading dock out of commission, productivity can take a serious hit. Our technicians are trained to quickly identify the cause of your issue and get your machinery back up and running so you can get back to business. 

We also offer preventative maintenance services. During regular visits, our technicians inspect and lubricate your equipment, prolonging use and preventing unexpected failures. To schedule loading dock repair or maintenance services, or to book an appointment for a free estimate, call Garage Door Specialists, Inc. at 828-584-2297 today. For questions on any other commercial garage door services feel free to send us a message here and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!

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