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When was the last time you scheduled garage door maintenance or repairs? A professional can extend your garage door’s life span and help you spot worn components that need to be replaced before they break down.

If unattended, a weakening component leaves other parts to take on excess strain, affecting the entire system. When you spot these issues early, the remaining components don’t have to work harder than intended, reducing wear and tear. While unexpected breakdowns can occur after collisions, storms and other circumstances, regular service can help you prevent costly repairs from long-term use and boost longevity.

Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

While you need a professional for a comprehensive garage door inspection, completing a monthly inspection on your own can help you determine when your garage door system needs service.

Take a general look to see whether the moving parts are getting a little dry and might need some lubricants. Check the cables for fraying, and watch the garage door as it opens and closes to ensure it moves evenly and at its usual speed. You can also inspect the weather stripping for damage. If you have a sensor, ensure it has an unobstructed path. 

Whether you notice an issue or are unsure whether your garage door is working as it should, reach out to us. You can schedule a service online for extra convenience.

Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

You can do several tasks at home to keep your garage door in check. However, for some items, such as a motor check, it is smarter and safer to call a professional. If you use the wrong lubricant or miss a frayed cable or loose roller, the garage door could malfunction or even drop unexpectedly. 

The following are some areas you can regularly check on and inform a professional about if you see any changes:

  • Springs: Stop the garage door halfway and give it a quick visual inspection. If the door looks skewed or is sagging on one side, one of the springs could be holding tension incorrectly. 
  • Cables: Do you notice any worn strips by the cables? If you see any fraying at all, call a professional for a garage door repair. 
  • Rollers: If your garage door is making noise, there may be a problem with the rollers. Dirt buildup and lubrication issues can cause the rollers to jerk and stagger rather than be smooth and quiet.
  • Tracks: Are the tracks attached firmly, and is anything bent? Track issues can very quickly cause strain on the opener, which often results in more problems popping up. 

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