High Speed Garage Doors in Statesville, Lenoir, Marion & Beyond

Commercial garage doors connect your business with the rest of the world. Reliability is a must, but they also need to be fast. The average garage door moves at a rate of seven inches per second. Throughout the day, those seconds become minutes, and those minutes become wasted labor hours. High-performance doors get the job done over 13 times faster, operating doors at up to 96 inches per second.

high speed garage door installed in Hickory North Carolina

At Garage Door Specialists, Inc. in Morganton, we are the distributor and service provider for a full line of high-performance commercial doors across western North Carolina. We’ll help you find the right doors and perform an expert installation. From protecting cold storage to expediting loading operations, high-speed garage doors can help you do more business.

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The Benefits of High-Speed Garage Doors in Morganton, NC

The primary purpose of a high-speed garage door is to open and close quickly. Commercial garage doors see a lot of use. It’s common for businesses to open and close garage doors dozens of times per day, and often more. In a single day, the time your employees spend waiting on doors to open or close adds up. Beyond eliminating downtime, high-speed doors offer other valuable benefits, such as:

  • Increased security: Reduce the risk of unauthorized access with rapid control over access points. For exterior security and controlling your building’s interior, high-speed doors offer unmatched speed and performance. Durable aluminum construction prevents anyone from breaking through once sealed. 
  • Better climate control: High-speed doors offer better climate control, protecting your employees and your products. Faster door operation, tight weather seals and superior durability limit air transference, making these doors perfect for exterior or freezer applications. 
  • Improved facility safety: Rapid access control helps limit incidents for employees and visitors. Easily compartmentalize your facility without sacrificing efficiency. Protect from extreme temperatures, fumes and other hazards by installing high-performance overhead garage doors. 
  • Reduced overhead costs: Picture saving 10 seconds each time your employees open or close a garage door. With high-speed garage doors, you’ll see a virtually instant return on your investment in better productivity, reduced HVAC costs and more. High-performance garage doors are a commercial upgrade you can take to the bank. 

Friendly and Trusted High-Speed Garage Door Installation in Statesville, NC

Garage Door Specialists, Inc. is your trusted partner for finding and installing the right high-speed garage doors for your business. Since 1976, we’ve built our name on friendly, honest service. We know you work hard to keep your business running, so you can always count on affordable estimates, professional service and a one-year warranty on all installations. 

We’d love to tell you more. Schedule a free estimate for your business by calling 828-584-2297, or come by our showroom today. With Garage Door Specialists, Inc., you’re getting more than a door — you’re getting over 40 years of industry experience. For service in Morganton, Rutherfordton, Statesville or anywhere in western North Carolina, call our high-speed garage door installation specialists today. For any other garage door services or repairs feel free to contact us online today!

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