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If your garage door opener is broken, it’s important to find out whether a garage door opener installation or repair is required. In some cases, systems can be repaired, saving the cost of a new garage door opener installation. To know for sure, schedule a professional repair service.

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Most garage door openers last for 10 to 15 years. Its lifespan is determined by factors like how frequently you use it and the garage door maintenance you perform. Using your garage door opener a lot may cause the components to break down faster, but garage door maintenance can catch these issues and reverse them.

If you have had your garage door opener for 15 years or more, you may want to schedule a garage door opener repair service, whether or not you are experiencing issues.


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If your garage door opener has issues or is past its prime, it may be time to schedule a repair with Garage Door Specialists. Calling for garage door opener repair service has many advantages, including:

  • Quiet operation: A broken garage door opener is often louder than usual. Making repairs to the motor or chain drive can resolve this issue, so your garage door will open quietly.
  • Better safety: If there is a problem with the safety features of your garage door, like the photo lens, it poses a risk to your property and household. Our repairs will restore the functionality of these mechanisms so you’re fully protected again.
  • Save money: Having Garage Door Specialists, Inc. repair your door opener instead of replacing it will save you money. Repairs are more budget-friendly than a replacement and provide the same result — an operational garage door opener.

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Common issues with garage door openers

  • Photo lens alignment: The photo lenses on the sides of your garage door are an important safety feature. Our repair technicians will ensure your lenses are aligned and operating as designed.
  • Transmitter frequency: Everything looks like it’s working, but when you press the button on your remote — nothing. If replacing the batteries doesn’t work, your transmitter frequency may need adjusting.
  • Damaged door track: Years of wear and accidental impacts can bend your track out of place. The motor works harder to overcome the damage, increasing wear and generating noise. 

If your garage door opener is louder than normal, moving slow or having trouble closing, call Garage Door Specialists, Inc. to request garage door opener repair in Statesville, NC, or the surrounding areas.

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