Fix Broken Garage Door Light

Why Your Garage Door Light Won’t Work and How to Fix It Garage door malfunctions can happen at any time. Even with top-quality garage door opener brands such as LiftMaster, components can occasionally become jammed or fail to operate normally. One common issue homeowners run into is their LiftMaster garage door light not turning off. While this problem doesn’t damage your residential garage door system, it can wear down the light’s battery. However, you can easily fix this issue. Read on to learn some tips for garage door light troubleshooting. For example, if your garage door light won’t shut off, […]

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Common Garage Door Overheating Problems

Common Garage Door Overheating Problems If you have an automatic garage door, you may run into occasional issues with its performance. You can solve most automatic garage door issues with a quick fix at home, but others may require professional attention. One worry many homeowners have with their garage doors is whether components can overheat, especially during the summer months.  Read our answer to this concern below to learn more about garage door overheating and what you can do to prevent it. Can My Garage Door Overheat? Just like any electronic device, your garage door can overheat. This scenario is […]

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