Residential Garage Doors near Statesville, Marion, Hickory, Lenoir and Beyond

New residential garage doors can change your home. They can add curb appeal, boost home value and make your life easier. Garage doors receive a surprisingly high amount of use. With just a few operations per day, the average homeowner opens and closes their garage over 1,000 times per year. It’s essential to have garage doors you can count on to function properly and keep your home secure. 

After years of wear and tear, older garage doors may be due for an upgrade. Visible damage from dings and scratches, noisy operation and worse are all signs your broken garage door needs replacement. Find the right solution with a free estimate and design consultation. Our experts will come to your home to review our selection of garage doors, helping you find the right fit for your needs and your budget. 

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Residential Garage Door Installation & Replacement Services

Garage doors offer your home both aesthetics and function. When yours show signs of damage, wear or become inoperative, it can take something away. Repairs and cosmetic fixes can only carry your old doors so far, and some are just plain outdated. Give your home an upgrade with a garage or overhead door replacement.

Your garage door is your home’s front line of defense against the elements. Residential overhead doors and panels may need replacement due to:

  • Weather: Strong winds, hail and extreme weather can wear down garage doors
  • Impacts: Accidents happen, and sometimes, they involve garage doors
  • Wear: Years of use can lead to alignment issues for older doors
  • Upgrades: Replace outdated doors with new ones for better insulation and more features

Damaged doors can do more than lower your home’s perceived value. A damaged garage door could stop operating altogether. Non-functioning garage doors become immovable walls, preventing you from accessing your home.

Trust Garage Door Specialists with Residential Garage Door Services

Garage Door Specialists Classic wood collection residential garage door in Hickory NCThe right residential garage doors will do more than blend seamlessly with your home design. They will also protect your home. New garage doors can cut down on utility costs by improving weather seals and insulating garage spaces. New garage doors help keep your property secure and your family safe. Compared to older, outdated doors, modern residential garage doors offer better protection from break-ins. 

If your garage door is stuck, acting funny or you’re ready for an upgrade, reach out to us. New garage doors are large pieces of machinery sensitive to proper installation. Trust the experts. We have over 40 years of experience performing residential garage door installation and other services in Morganton, Statesville, Lenoir and across western North Carolina. 

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Garage Door Replacement Before & After

a residential garage door before being serviceda residential garage door after being installed by Garage Door Specialists

Does a New Garage Door Increase Home Value? 

When it comes to home improvement, a new residential garage door is one of the best investment decisions you can make. New garage doors increase home value through better design and visual appeal immediately after installation, so the average return on investment for a new garage door is remarkably high.

  • Lower Annual Heating and Cooling Costs

    Reduce air transfer between your garage and the outdoors to save on your annual heating and cooling costs. Customizable, modern and available with optional insulation, today’s garage doors offer improved energy efficiency over older doors. Our professional installation service ensures a tight and proper fit, keeping your climate under control.

  • Get Better Protection and Security

    Most modern doors have the latest security and safety features. Often, garages offer direct access to the home, vehicles and all valuables stored within. Intruders want in and new doors help keep them out. Modern garage doors are made from strong and durable materials and are equipped with the latest technology to prevent unwanted guests from gaining access. 

  • Improve Curb Appeal

    Depending on size, garage doors can account for up to 30% or more of the home exterior on the street-facing side. New garage doors are designed to flow with the architecture and aesthetic of your home, which can have a massive impact on curb appeal. 

  • Increase Home Value

    New garage doors from Garage Door Specialists, Inc. are smooth, quiet and selected to complement your home’s exterior. New, energy-efficient garage doors with the latest security measures can increase your home value to potential buyers. We offer affordable garage doors, installation and services for adding beauty and elegance to your Statesville, Lenior, and Hickory homes. 

Residential Garage Door Services to Make Your Life Easier

From our headquarters and showroom in Morganton, NC, we provide a range of garage door services across the region, helping to make your life easier. From providing garage doors for a new build to replacing or repairing your existing door, we have you covered. For residential garage door services in Morganton, Lenoir, Statesville, Marion or the surrounding areas, call the specialists at 828-584-2297 today. We offer free, in-home estimates for new and replacement doors, making it easy to find the right fit. 

Reserve Wood Collection Semi Custom Series residential garage door installed in Statesville NCNew Residential Garage Doors

New garage doors can change the look of your home and the way your garage feels. We carry a large selection of residential garage doors from multiple manufacturers to help you find the right door at the right price. Professional installation ensures your door is fitted with precision and functions exactly the way it should. We want to make sure you are absolutely satisfied. All new garage door installations are backed by a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Whether you’re designing a home and looking for a new door or replacing your old one, our on-site design consultation can help uncover the right solution. We carry doors from all leading manufacturers, including Clopay, Wayne Dalton and Amarr. With a range of design, material and upgrade options available, we are confident you’ll find something you love. Our wide range of residential garage doors includes wooden doors, insulated modern doors, carriage house doors, steel doors, traditional raised doors, aluminum garage doors, and much more!

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Residential Garage Door Repair

Broken doors are noisy at their best and inoperative at their worst. If your car is trapped inside or your garage is stuck open, we can help. We offer 24-hour emergency garage door repair service to keep your life moving and your home secure. We’ve seen a lot in 40 years, which is why we provide a complimentary diagnosis over the phone. If the problem is something simple, we’ll tell you how to fix it free of charge, so you can get back up and running.

What Are The Benefits of Garage Door Replacement?


    In many cases, garages are attached directly to the home and we all store valuables in our garages that we’d like to keep protected from theft. Replacement garage doors by Garage Door Specialists, Inc. are designed for a precision fit, keeping the outside, out. Keep your garage secure by replacing older doors with newer ones designed to prevent criminals from gaining access. A sturdy, insulated replacement garage door offers better protection and improved home security.


    Your old garage doors have been through their share of winters and probably look like it too. Replacing your overhead doors improves your home’s appearance. Better appearance, security and insulation all contribute to a higher home value. If you’re thinking of selling your home, replacement garage door panels are a cost-effective way to add value to your home.


    Today’s garage doors are engineered to keep your garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Replacing older doors with upgraded models allows you to enjoy your garage comfortably and save you money on your energy bill.


    Modern doors are equipped with a range of safety features to protect you, your family and your guests from accidental injury. Replacement doors may also help you save on insurance.


    Many older garage doors require repairs and fresh paint annually and in some cases, more often. Free up your time and eliminate this chore with doors built to withstand the elements.


    Broken or damaged overhead doors can discourage garage use, preventing you from accessing valuable square footage. Replacing garage doors can lead to more — and better — use of your space.


Depending on your garage, how it’s used and your goals for the project, you may want to consider insulating your garage door. Insulating your garage door offers several benefits you can enjoy, including:

  • Better climate control
  • Reduced energy expenses
  • Increased sound protection
  • Greater strength

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Garage Door in Morganton NC?

3 reserve wood collection limited edition series garage doors installed on a new residential home

Garage door replacement is an affordable way to upgrade your home. New overhead doors can transform the way your home looks and feels, all for a fraction of the price of other home improvement projects. Depending on your goals and your garage, the cost of replacing your overhead doors and panels can vary.

The average garage door replacement cost in Rutherfordton, Mooresville, Morganton and across NC is around $1000. Including labor and materials, replacing doors can range from the low hundreds up to $2000 or more.

For a better idea of what your replacement will cost, schedule a free estimate by calling (828) 584-2297 or reach out online. Garage doors are our passion. We’re happy to help find the right design, features and material for the garage doors you want within your budget.

What Materials to Choose For Your New Residential Garage Door

Materials play a large role in the features and cost of your replacement garage door. Modern garage doors are available in several different material styles, offering the look and the benefits you want for your home. Popular garage door materials include:

  • Wood: Wood garage doors are strong, rich and elegant.
  • Steel: Steel doors are weather resistant and available in many designs.
  • Composite: Composite doors are paintable and typically produced from recycled materials.
  • Glass: An increasingly popular choice, glass doors allow maximum light flow.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum doors are lightweight and naturally resistant to corrosion.


If it’s time for a new residential garage door or a commercial overhead door replacement, speak to a professional at Garage Door Specialists, Inc. Schedule a free estimate, and we can handle the rest. We’ll come out to your home when it’s convenient for you, discuss all your options and help you find the best solution for your home. As the most established garage door replacement company in the area, we have the experience to help.

Since 1976, we’ve served customers across western North Carolina, including the Hickory, Lenoir, Rutherfordton, Mooresville, Marion and Morganton areas. We fully believe in our products and we stand behind them, too. We offer a full year warranty on parts and labor to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your garage door installation and performance.

Doors by Garage Door Specialists, Inc. are easy to use and simple to maintain. For over 40 years, we’ve built our reputation on friendly and honest service. We offer competitive pricing on all garage doors, accessories and installations. Send us a message today or call (828) 584-2297 to schedule your comprehensive garage door estimate.

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