Residential Garage Door Openers in Morganton, Statesville, Hickory, & Beyond

Residential Garage Door Opener Installation in Western, NC

Your garage door puts in work. At only a few uses per day, the average homeowner opens and closes their garage door over 1,500 times per year. Commerical doors might see even more use annually. When a garage door opener breaks, it's a big deal. Broken doors can trap cars or leave homes unsecured, and business owners may face halts in production. For fast garage door opener replacement in Morganton, NC, call Garage Door Specialists, Inc.

Residential Garage Door Opener Installation in Hickory NC

Your garage door opener is the brains behind the operation. Garage door openers consist of the head unit, sensors and wall-mounted controls. Most also come with wireless door controls. When the motor stops working, your garage door will stop working too. Open garages grant anyone access to the contents they hold and any doorways leading further inside. Doors stuck shut mean nothing can get in or out until the garage door opener is repaired or replaced.

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There are four main types of garage door openers you should be aware of:

  • Chain: Typically the most affordable garage door opener, chain openers produce more noise than other options. Homeowners may want to consider something quieter, closer to the house. 
  • Belt: Belt openers use a rubber belt to control trolley operation. Rubber belt door openers are quieter than chain motors and have more moving parts than openers with a screw or drive motor.
  • Screw: Screw drives are quiet garage door openers that use a threaded steel rod to control the trolley. The trolley operates the arm, moving the door up and down. 
  • Drive: Also known as jackshaft motors, drive motors are simple in design with fewer moving parts. Popular for a variety of applications, these require little ongoing maintenance.

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