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The Original Owners - Barry and Peggy Georges with their grandkids.

Barry and Peggy started this company over 35 years ago with the intention of being able to provide for their family.  They didn't realize that their employees would become like family to them; and after 35 years of service they decided to retire and allow their son Dusty Georges to run the company. Here at Garage Door Specialists and All About Doors in Morganton, North Carolina, we really are a family owned and operated business and intend to always be that way!




Lane Jones - Co-Owner (All About Doors)
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Lane Jones is the co-owner of All About Doors, LLC.  He started his career in 1990 working in Charlotte, NC at a family owned garage door business. Lane started as a warehouse helper pulling and stocking orders.  He quickly moved up through the ranks to become a lead man within 2 years as a commercial installer and service technician.  He remained in that position for 10 plus years, when he was given the opportunity to apply for the position of Operations Manager of a sister company.  Lane then transferred that knowledge to become Operations Manager of a locally owned garage door company in Catawba County, NC.  In 2007, Lane decided to open All About Doors.  Lane and his wife, Therese, ran All About Doors for five years out of their home and garage along with their sons Casey and Alex Jones. During the early years of All About Doors, Lane and Dusty became friends and eventually talked about the idea of merging of the companies.  In January 2012 Lane and Dusty opened All About Doors, LLC as the commercial division of Garage Door Specialists. 

On the rare days that Lane is not working he enjoys spending time with his family and granddaughter. 




Dusty Georges - Owner (Garage Door Specialists Inc.) and Co-Owner (All About Doors Llc.)
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Debbie Best - Office Manager

Debbie has been with Garage Door Specialists for over 10 years and brings a wealth of customer related experience with her.  Her experience in customer service assures that you will receive the very best attention and service around.  Her role with Garage Door Specialists  as the Office Manager and CFO is extremely important to the continued success of Garage Door Specialists Inc.



Rebecca McGimsey - Office Manager (Asheville Location)

Rebecca has been with the company for since 2009.  She takes great pride in customer service and attention to our customers. Rest assured that if you talk to Rebecca,  you are receiving the very best attention and knowledge around. 
Rebecca is an integral part of the team at Garage Door Specialists Inc.
   In 2017 Rebecca has been promoted to the role of Office Manager at the Asheville location names Asheville Garage Door LLC.  



Becky Georges - Internet and Social Media Specialist

Becky has been with the company since 2009.  Her title with Garage Door Specialists and All About Doors is Internet and Social Media Specialist.  Becky is hard working, dedicated employee that makes sure that everything she does is perfect.  Some might call her a perfectionist (including her husband Dusty Georges).  Becky's dedicated to providing the best experience to our customers whether it be over the phone, in person, or online.

Becky Georges


Kara Bassett-Customer Service Associate (Garage Door Specialists Inc.)

Kara’s past experiences in the service industry allows her to provide an excellent customer experience to our awesome customers.  Even though she is relatively new to the industry she is proving to be an awesome addition to the team.  Your first point of contact with our company will likely be her and rest assured that if she cant answer your question she will make sure someone can.  Kara is also the niece of the owner to add to the family business atmosphere at Garage Door Specialists Inc.

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The Crew



Robert Elder - Lead Residential Service Tech-Garage Door Specialists

Robert has been with the company for over 20 years and is a residential service guru.  Robert has seen the evolution of garage doors over the years and has become the "go to" guy for anything related to residential garage doors and openers. Robert is extremely meticulous and some might say a little obsessed at times with doing the job right the first time.  If Robert can't fix your door then there is no fixing it.



 Jimmy Brogley - Lead Residential Installer/Service Technician-Garage Door Specialists

Jimmy has been with the company over 5 years and has been in the door industry for over 15 years.  Jimmy's work ethic is second to none and you can be assured that if he installs your doors it is the best job available.  Jimmy puts his name on every door he installs and takes great pride in every project he does.

jimmy brogley



Randy Keeter -Lead Residential Installer-Garage Door Specialists and All About Doors

Randy has been with the company for over 5 years and is a great addition to our team.  Randy has worked his way from a helper to the lead residential installer in a short amount of time and showing his hard work has paid off. We are very thankful to have such a hardworking and dedicated employee.

Juan Soto-All About Doors-Lead Commercial Door Technician
Juan has been with the company for a little under a year and has shown that he has the makings of a good door technician.  He has learned many trades over the years that has helped him pick up the door business faster than most and we are lucky to have him.  Be assured that if you get Randy and Juan you are getting the best technicians in the industry. 



Scott Benge - Commercial Estimator

Scott has been with the company over 5 years and in the door and dock industry for over 25 years.  His experience with all things doors and docks is extremely beneficial to our customers and our company.  Scott has transitioned from being a lead commecial technician to the commerical estimator of All About Doors.  His knowledge in the door and dock industry is invaluable and you can be assured that he will give you the best experience with your purchase of door and dock products.
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Justin Benge -  Lead Commercial Technician-All About Doors
 Justin has been with the company over 5 years and has transitioned from commercial helper to a full Lead Commercial Technician.  His knowledge in the industry is "second to none" and his hardwork and dedication to the company has earned him the title of Lead Tech.  Justin is one of the youngest and most knowledgable high speed door techs in Western North Carolina.    



Tony Brooks - Lead Commercial Technician-All About Doors
 Tony has been with the company over 5 years and in the door and dock industry for over 15 years.  Tony’s attention to detail makes him an excellent installer and service man.  Tony has a vast knowledge of door and dock products making him the ideal choice for service or installs.  One of the best commercial “doorman” we have ever had at this company.



Jerry Mellon - Lead Commercial Technician-All About Doors
Jerry has been in the door business since 1997 which makes him a 15+ year doorman.  Jerry carries a vast knowledge of all dock and door equipment and specializes in the carpentry aspect of the door industry.  If there is any woodwork or custom metal work that needs to be done then Jerry will more than likely the man that will be on your job. He is also our lead gate installer so more than likely he will be the lead technician on your gate operator projects.     


 Anthony Plude- All About Doors Commercial Technician
Anthony has been with the company for 5 years and he is a very good door  technician.  Anthony has a very mechanical mind and is able to solve problems within the industry very easily.  Anthony is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet and he can fix any issue you might have on your commercial project.

Jaxon Kilburn- All About Doors- Commercial Technician

Jaxon has been with the company a little over a year and is an extremely fast learner.  He shows great promise in the door business and is very mechanically inclined.  You will usually see Jaxon with lead tech Justin Benge and be assured that if you have a problem this crew will be able to take care of it.




Matt Sparks- All About Doors-Lead Commercial Technician 

"Sparky" is what we call a generational doorman.  He has been around the door and dock industry his whole life and is a true doorman. We have had the pleasure to have him on our team for a year now and he is proving to be just the kind of technician we expected.  His expertise is in running and managing larger job sites that require attention to detail and good communication with super's.  If you see "Sparky" on a job be assured that he will be the right man for the job.

matt sparks

Frank Mehri-All About Doors Technician

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DJ Mouzon-All About Doors Technician

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